Trump Torches CNN Reporter For Misrepresenting His Comments

President Donald Trump annihilated a CNN reporter during a press conference yesterday after the reporter asked him about a remark that he made last week, and left out the full context of his remarks.

β€œI would also like to ask you about some comments you made on Friday,” CNN reporter Jeremy Diamond said. β€œYou were talking about governors of different states and you said I want them to be appreciative. You also said if they don’t treat you right, I don’t call.”

β€œI didn’t say that,” Trump fired back. β€œExcuse me, ready? Take a look at what I said. I want them to be appreciative of me, okay, and then you cut it off because it is fake news [reporter interrupts] please, let me just finish. … Your statement and your response in your answer is a lie because here’s the story, are you ready? I said I want you to be appreciative of me, and then you go on β€” and then I go on, you cut it off.”

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